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The sacred presence within each of us is always striving for wholeness and will guide us to health when we allow ourselves to hear it. Find out about the private healing sessions, workshops, and retreats offered by Namasté Sacred Healing Center. Begin to live as you are meant to — as a Sacred Being living in the Temple.

Heart Chakra

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  • clouds5

    The Water Cycle

    You kissed my body to a cloud -
    Stratus, cirrus, nimbus,
    Gasses swirling,
    Furniture for angels,
    Punctuation in the changing
    Sentence of the sky.
    Blown and altered
    By the winds of …

  • aphrodite goddess of love

    Love Prayer (with a tip of the hat to Coleman Barks)

    Oh, God(dess) Grant me Love!
    Please, make it simply Difficult.
    Make it crack and melt the hard places Where I am so sure of myself.
    Make it …

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